From Tirvengadum to Viljoen

14 June 2017, Air Mauritius is celebrating its 50 years of existence. Having been with the airline for 33 years from 1978 to 2011, I thought it would be an opportunity to review in pictures these years of service with the ‘National’ airline. A picture is worth a thousand words. When I joined Air Mauritius from Qantas, Amédée Maingard was the Chairman but I did not get the chance to know him personally. Most of the pictures in this blog are mine and the others were obtained from the Internet. Thank you to those persons who shared their pictures. Unfortunately in the early years of my career it was not as easy to take pictures as we do today. I would welcome pictures from 1978 to 2011 to add to this post, so as to have a more balanced view of the period.

The experience obtained in a vital department such as the Technical Services is priceless. The challenges are many and rewarding. For example reorganisation of the Technical Department, approval Jar 145, entry into service of new aircraft and helicopters, return of leased aircraft, negotiation of maintenance contracts for the fleet, cost reduction programme, third party maintenance, Company wide improvement programmes, implementation of maintenance information system Maintenix, IOSA certification, developing and maintaining staff competence, Part 147 approval for MK training school, ensure of course that everyday a safe aircraft is delivered for service on time.

What is interesting, is everyday is different and if sometimes it goes too quiet, you can bet that there is an event or series of events coming your way, be ready for it, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed! I would not change anything if I had to do it over again. Of course in life there are good and bad times, but the key is to know how to handle it and come out greater and wiser.

Over time having worked with two Chairman and Managing Directors, four Managing Directors and two Chief Executive Officers, required a lot of flexibility and adaptability. It gave me a new impulse each time and kept my mind ticking in overclocking mode. It was fun!




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